Poly Big Fun 2024

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2024 Registration is now open!

March 28th-31st at Bastrop State Park

Poly Big Fun (PBF), the longest running polyamory event in Texas, is a community driven event that offers three days of workshops, connection, games, fun and shared experiences nestled in Bastrop State Park! Starting at under $100 per person, this event provides food, lodging, learning experiences and lifelong connections.

Poly Big Fun is a community organized retreat open to all families. Unlike most events it is 100% community run. Everyone pays the same amount and there are no paid speakers. Workshops are given by members of our community on topics that they are knowledgeable and passionate about. Geek enthusiasts abound. There will be a Polyamory 101 class and ice-breaking events, so whether you have been practicing polyamory for 2 weeks or 25 years, you will find opportunities to connect with your community here!

Previous events have featured dancing, designer board games, crafting, hiking, bike-riding and other events! Bring your passion, volunteer to teach, help make our shared experience better!

We don’t just want you to attend. We want you to become part of this 27-year tradition!