Volunteer Opportunities

We still have multiple ways that you can volunteer to assist with PBF aside from onsite chores.Volunteer opportunities: 

  • Onsite greeters and pals for noobs! It’s always nice to be welcomed into a new environment by a friendly face, a mutually consensual hug, or even a guided tour of the facilities.
  • Our technical crew is looking for website designers, especially people with knowledge in Drupal and CSS.
  • There is opportunity to assist with menu planning. We’re really interested in Vegetarians and Vegans to assist with nutritional meal planning for these folks.
  • Bring items for the snack table for yourself and others to enjoy. And remember that you too are empowered to clean up the table at any time during the event.
  • If you are interested in unpacking the gear when it returns to Austin we need assistance getting it off the trailer and back into long term storage.
  • We’re open to people who would like to perform like fire spinning, belly dancing, hand drumming, or really whatever your talent is we would like to help you shine.
  • In an effort to be green you might consider car pooling with someone(s) to the event and save a little on parking.
  • PBF is an ever evolving event, with this in mind we would love to hear your feedback on ways you can volunteer to help us grow and become a better event.

You can email the PBF coordinator coordinator@pbf.polyaustin.org if you’re interested in any of these volunteer opportunities.