Poly Big Fun Staff

PBF Coordinator – David(s)

The PBF coordinator serves as leadership and is ultimately responsible for the event at large, from site reservation to pack out after the event. The PBF coordinator encourages and supports the team of co-coordinators in all their efforts to make this event as meaningful as possible to all attendees.

Gear Coordinator – OPEN

The gear coordinator is responsible for ensuring that: all PBF gear arrives on site for the event, gear is inventoried post event, and gear is properly returned to storage after the event and safely kept during non-usage periods.

Workshop Coordinator – Janet

The workshop coordinator is responsible for the PBF event schedule onsite. The workshop coordinator determines the placement of all workshops, meals, and entertainment during the event. The workshop coordinator is responsible for the solicitation and communication of and with those who would like to participate as workshop facilitators or discussion mediators.

Kitchen Coordinator – Nancy Webb

The kitchen coordinator is responsible for menu planning for the event as well as pre-event meal purchasing, preparation, and onsite coordination of meals. The kitchen coordinator supervises kitchen crew volunteers in pre and post meal preparations. The kitchen coordinator is often a thankless job that is absolutely one of the most critical for PBF. We have great respect for those who have gone before us as kitchen coordinators.

Kitchen Coordinator – Cupcake

The On_site kitchen coordinator is responsible for all meals On-Site. They work closely with the Kitchen Coordinator and supervise the kitchen crew volunteers in pre and post meal preparations.

Tech Services & Registration – David

Tech services and registration is responsible for PBF’s web presence and also registration services. These kind people donate their time year round to continually build and enhance our abilities to efficiently utilize technology. Any questions regarding your registration for an event should be forwarded to Tech services. 

Onsite Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN

The onsite volunteer coordinator is the individual who ensures that volunteer like things are getting done. If attendees need to rearrange their volunteer schedules onsite this is the person to see. The volunteer coordinator is responsible for rounding up more help should it be necessary.

Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators help facilitate coordination within a geographic area. Often pillars of the community they are great resources if you have questions. 

Austin – Wheeler

San Antonio – Open

Houston – Open