Food Prep Parties

PBF pre-prep foodie parties

These events are a social gathering designed to share the responsibility for food preparation before the event. You do not have to be registered to attend PBF to participate. People who are new to the poly group are welcome to join us as well.

We will work for two to four hours depending on the number of people and amount of “stuff” we have to make (more people = less time). After we are done (around 7pm or earlier) we will make a party of it with dinner, movies, or whatever. You come, everything will be purchased and ready for us to make whatever is on the plate for the day. Your willingness to spend just a few hours a month helping out and having fun will make an enormous difference in the quality of PBF. It also helps lessen the burden of one of the largest preparation tasks for the event. The dates of pre-prep parties are:

  • TBD

These dates are subject to change (in the unlikely event of changes, any cancellations/changes will be posted here). Please RSVP to with your selected date(s) to get directions to prep parties.